Monday, September 11, 2006


Special guest blogger today, Gretchen.

-- Ben

Nicky and I did a "history" lesson today talking about 9/11 and
reading/viewing some stuff in Projo and AP.

I wrote some poems that you could put in the blog if you wanted.

Remembering 9/11

5 years..My mind pulled back--
Warm, sunny, glorious September day.
My three-year-old playing in the yard while I read,
Phone rings--youngest nephew--
Horror--plane crash--Two Towers.

Run inside to television--horror
Standing transfixed...
Lines jammed. No phones...
No planes...all quiet.

5 three children,
Sunny, glorious September day. he's 8, learning history.
Looking at pictures, listening to stories, reading accounts.
Horror is now sadness...quiet tears fall.


Horrific event--terrorist attack.

Everything stops.

Rescuers are frantically searching...

Occasionally finding a miracle.

Everyday people--

Saviours and souls.