Friday, April 20, 2007

"I'm a Big Girl Now!"

(Special guest blogger, Gretchen.)

Gilly came to lunch when called, but got up on Harry's chair
as if to say, "I'm a big girl now so I can eat like the rest of you!"

She was much better behaved, too, for both boys became
clowns upon seeing the camera!


Nicky is making cookies. He's actually pretty good at it,
but he gets bored easily with the standard recipes.
So he like to "mix it up" a bit by adding non-traditional ingredients.

Like hot pink food coloring.

Harry is helping.

Look closely at the area around his mouth,
if you're curious as to what he's helping himself to. ;-)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


A mess in Topeka

A messy toe picker

I'm glad we could get this straightened out.

Scott Turns 38

This is my brother, Scott.
He turned 38 yesterday while the rest of the nation filed their income tax.

His wife and step-daughter made him an awesome cake.

Scott Eyed. (Get it?)

Actually, Scott had many cakes for his birthday.
Good thing he's in such good shape, otherwise he'd never be able to blow out his candles.

In case you're wondering, the sweatshirt Scott's wearing says "Independent Fabrication." That's a custom bike shop that our cousin works at.

Also, all these photos were from a party I couldn't attend. I wiped them from Tess, who took some awesome photos.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Nicky Wins!

Nicky is quite a poker player. At nine years old, that's something.
(I know, maybe you think it's something he shouldn't be.)

Four of a kind beats a full house...
...But you don't see it happen very often!

Monday, April 16, 2007

From Three Years Ago

I have two children. Nicky is six and Harry is about a year and a half. While building a spice rack for their mother last Saturday I overheard this "conversation" taking place in the living room:

Harry: Doo bada Icky!

Nicky: Get off me, Harry!

Harry: Doo bada Icky!

Nicky: Ow!

Harry: Oo!

Nicky: Ow!

Harry: Oo!

Nicky: Ow!

Harry: Oo!

Nicky: Ouch!

Harry: Ook!

Nicky: Ouch!

Harry: Ook!

Nicky: Ouch!

Harry: Ook!

Nicky: Mom! Harry's hitting me!

Mom: Harry, get off your brother.

Harry: No! Doo bada Icky!

Nicky: Ouch!

Harry: Ook!

That's all I could hear, Nicky yelping and Harry copying him. After that, my laughter drowned them out.

Oprah Gets A Clue

"Iceberg" Lettuce

Last night's salad might have looked a little strange.

Thing is, Harry put the salad fixings in the freezer.

Oh well. Lettuce is for chumps anyway.

Make the Pandemic Funnier

"Yes, that outfit does make you look fat."

Monday, April 09, 2007

Another Bunny Sighting

Gilly Bunny

Rare photo of the Easter Bunny,
caught in the act of hiding eggs.

Welcome to the '80s!

Hey, guess who got a new cell phone!

Lotsa forehead

Yep, finally joined the ranks of the annoyingly connected.

Next step? Standing behind you in line at the coffee shop whilst shouting pithy things like "Oh my gawd!" and "No way! Really?" and the epic crowd pleaser, "I mean, like, I am *not* an idiot."

You lucky, lucky people.