Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Scott Turns 38

This is my brother, Scott.
He turned 38 yesterday while the rest of the nation filed their income tax.

His wife and step-daughter made him an awesome cake.

Scott Eyed. (Get it?)

Actually, Scott had many cakes for his birthday.
Good thing he's in such good shape, otherwise he'd never be able to blow out his candles.

In case you're wondering, the sweatshirt Scott's wearing says "Independent Fabrication." That's a custom bike shop that our cousin works at.

Also, all these photos were from a party I couldn't attend. I wiped them from Tess, who took some awesome photos.

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Ben Ide said...

I've got an (incredibly awesome) update on this: My cousin's bike company, Independant Fabrication, was profiled in a Wired blog:

It's about the ultimate race bike. 15.6 pounds gross weight and yes, that includes wheels and components.

At $14,000 it's still a bargain. Hey, that less than $1000 a pound.