Friday, June 15, 2007

Murder Mystery!

Today we have a mystery on our hands. A murder mystery. That's right: someone killed an entire roll of toilet paper. Let's see if we can figure out "who dunnit" by looking at this series of photographs.

Exhibit One: The gruesome trail begins.

Following this macabre scene up the stairs, we find Photographic Exhibit Two: Here the trail leads in two directions. Following to the left we find...

Exhibit Three: This is no doubt the scene of the crime. Notice the toilet paper. Even in death, it still clings futilely to the roll. Sad. A life of service cut brutally short.

Finally, Exhibit Four: This is our most damning piece of photographic evidence. Notice how the paper lies in clumps at the door of Gillian's room? See how it drapes over the doll stroller? It's obvious at this point who the culprit is...

The doll! What's more, the doll hanged Scooby Doo, either in an attempt to silence a witness or to throw the authorities off by insinuating a murder-suicide.

Although Gillian was upstairs at a time approximate to the occurrence of this crime, there is no need to question her. The facts speak for themselves and we don't want to make her relive this senseless tragedy.

*Today's blog post was courtesy of the LAPD and Mike Nifong.

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Anonymous said...

that is so funny! my first guess was the cat, actually. Gilly was my second guess. I never would have thought of the doll! I guess I wouldn't make a very good detective - or a good writer of mystery novels, either!

btw, (on a more serious note) do you still write? reading this made me wonder.