Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Happy Birthday, Gilly!

In honor of Gillian's second birthday today, I am reposting two blog entries about her. Happy birthday, cutie!

Gillian with beads

Family News

Gretchen had a doctor's appointment on Monday.

The appointment with her ob/gyn was to investigate a few irregularities Gretchen's been experiencing lately. At the doctor's office, she had an exam, a blood test, and she and the doctor discussed what might be causing these problems. The discussion focused the possibility of a fibroid mass or an enlarged ovary, but of course one subject couldn't be avoided: cancer.

Despite the impending snowstorm, Gretchen was scheduled for an ultrasound on Wednesday -- today. She and her doctor agreed that it was best not to wait. When the storm proved to be minor, we were relieved that Gretchen would be able to have her test. Out of concern for her health and for reassurance, I took a personal day. I watched Harry while she was getting her ultrasound.

The ultrasound pictures, combined with the blood work results, are conclusive. She has a cancer growing inside her. Well, we're pretty sure it's a cancer. It could be a leo. It really depends on whether this baby will be born in early August or late July. That's right! Harry's going to be a middle child!

Gretchen is very, very happy. I'm also happy, but very, very stunned. I honestly expected much worse news. I'm tempted to name the sucker "Fibroid Apoptosis" as payback for the stress.

# Posted by Ben Ide on 1/28/04

19 inches, 6 pounds, 14 ounces

Gretchen's water broken at about quarter of eleven Saturday night when Nicky, our oldest, surprised her at the side of our bed. He'd just had a nightmare, and when Gretchen twisted around suddenly, gloosh! She dribbled off to the bathroom while I reassured Nicky...

Six-year-old logic:

"Where's the glass?"


"Mommy's glass?"


"You said her water broke. I don't want to step on the glass."

"Oh. Um, it's not that kind of water. There wasn't a glass or cup or anything."

I hear giggling from the bathroom.

"So where did the water come from? Did it fall out of her mouth?"

Now the giggling is outright laughter. It grows to hysterics as I try to explain in as little detail as possible while mopping up the floor.

Gramma comes over and we drive to the hospital by 11:30. At 1 AM we're in the delivery room but the baby's not cooperating. Two measly contractions and that's it. At about 5 AM we opt for pretosin. Gillian Sophia Ide is born at 10 AM, Sunday, the 18 of July, 2004.

I was in a deep fog for the rest of the day. Even a two hour nap and a shower only barely helped me regain focus. Today, I've gotten a full night's sleep and a couple cups of coffee, so I'm doing much better.

# Posted by Ben Ide on 7/19/04


Me, Myself and I said...

Where's the glass! that's so cute.
(I assume you meant July, not August, btw).

Ben Ide said...

Yes, July 18th, not August.

I was VERY tired when I first wrote that. I'll fix it now, though.