Thursday, July 20, 2006

Wooden Trains

Did I mention that Harry likes trains? He made this one yesterday. No help from anyone:

Wooden Train

By the way, he'll be four next month.

Wooden Train Creator

Last night, Harry and I looked at some steam powered robots some one had made.

He really liked the hybrid of a steam locomotive and an RC centipede. I liked them all. Genius!

Harry wanted to know if we could make these. I said yes, but -- looking at the massive complexity of it all -- definitely not tomorrow.

"Can we do it tonight?"

He's a cutie.


Me, Myself and I said...

last November, I took Amber to the Essex Steam Train and Riverboat (she was 4) for a "Day out w/ Thomas". Thomas the tank engine is one of her favorites (Bob the Builder is the other). She got to go on a train ride, pulled by Thomas (the real, non-animated thing), there were kiddie rides, activities w/ train sets and face painting, etc. we thought we'd be there for a couple of hours and ended up spending the entire day. you should check if there's a Day out w/ Thomas in your area; I'll bet Harry'd love it.

Ben Ide said...

Too true.

Harry is also a Thomas freak (in the nicest sense, of course) and a fan of Bob The Builder. (I've found BTB a bit more entertaining now that Greg Proops does the voice of Bob.)

Edaville Railroad is located ~45 minutes away, in Carver, Mass. They do Thomas days, too.

The last time we were there, Harry totally focused in on the Thomas play table they had set up -- which is why I build the one in the upper right corners of the photos -- and the life-sized deisel train he got to look at close up.

Me, Myself and I said...

I'm taking Amber again this year - why wasn't there stuff like this when we were kids?

Ben Ide said...

T'cha. All we had were creepy clowns.