Monday, October 16, 2006

Coffee for the Uninformed

A new cafe is opening in my library tomorrow.

I hate it.

Sure, it's nice looking. This time, the architects and designers succeeded in making the addition look like the rest of the building. And I love coffee.

So what's the problem? The new cafe has completely replaced our reference collection and services.

Awful, huh? You don't know the half of it.


Mom said...

Good article by Robert Campbell. Let's hope it sheds the light on what needs NOT to change.
I think someone who works there at the library should write, anomanouisly(sp), to the same paper as a follow up. What do you think?

Ben Ide said...

Thanks, Ma.

I hope so.

In the meanwhile, check out this op/ed piece in the Crimson:

The comments are interesting, too.

Me, Myself and I said...

you once told me that books (as they exist now, bound/paper) would one day be replaced entirely by electronic media, and that the only reason I disagreed w/ you was b/c I was sentimental.
well, I am sentimental, although not exceedingly so, in my opinion, so I'm very sorry to hear that your library is slowly being turned into a Starbucks w/ books in the background. :>) especially as I can't stand coffee, and as bookstore cafes tend to be priced as if the drinks were served in gold cups rather than disposable recycled paper.

Ben Ide said...

I so very much regret the irony I created when I called you sentimental for books.

Very, very much regret it.

Me, Myself and I said...

it's the closest we ever came to arguing over our differing point of views (wh/ is amazing considering how long we knew eachother!) I think you were in the final stages w/ your undergrad thesis at the time. I think that explains everything! (well,
mostly :>)
anyway, I only mention it b/c I love the irony, and thought you'd be amused, too.