Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Hallowe'en Train

We asked Harry what he wanted to be for Hallowe'en this year.

"I want to be a train."

Do you mean, you want to be an engineer? He got a nifty new engineer uniform for his birthday in August.

"No, I want to be a train."

So Gretchen cobbled together this costume: Harry the Train.

Harry as Train

It's Thomas, of course.

It's Thomas, of course

Good thing we saved all those boxes, huh?

Nicky dressed as a vampire and Gilly as a pumpkin.

Vampire NickyGilly Pumpkin

Pretty good, huh?

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Me, Myself and I said...

harry is so cute! I'm taking my 5 yr old niece for a Day Out w/ Thomas @ the Essex Steam Train and Riverboat again this year on Sunday. I still think cartoons and kids shows were mostly better when we were kids; Thomas is ok, I guess - just a little dull. I liked Blues Clues better (Athena, my goddess daughter, loved it when she was little).