Friday, February 02, 2007

The Continuing Adventures of "That Dork From Harvard"

No, not Nick. Me.

So today I was all excited because I managed not to sign the time sheet where the director is supposed to sign -- I did that last week; very embarrassing -- so I thought I'd celebrate with some coffee.

I do like coffee. Gretchen bought me my own can and some powdered Creamola to take to work. I still need to get a coffee maker for my office. I'm actually thinking of getting an electric kettle and a simple drip coffee maker, maybe something like this.

So I grab my can of coffee and trot up to the break room. There I dose out the more-or-less proper amount of coffee and water and flip the switch. While I wait for the brew to finish, um, brewing, I scope out the cartoon clipping posted on the staff corkboard because hey, they're new to me. (Ha! Oh that Cathy!)

When I hear the coffee pot gurgling I turn around and OH MY DOG! I didn't close the lid of the machine and there's aborted coffee and grounds everywhere!

Luckily, I know how to clean up a coffee machine disaster. But still, what a dork!


Ben Ide said...

Update: I also left the pot on all weekend.

Me, Myself and I said...

did anyone see you? if not, then it didn't really happen.
my brother-in-law has a 1 cup coffee maker that he loves; my sister can't have caffeine, so there's no point in brewing a whole pot, and they make the one cup servings of coffee for those things in just about every flavor, in addition to the usual regular and dark roast sludge. (I didn't click on any of your links, so maybe you already thought of this?)

Ben Ide said...

The coffee maker I got this weekend works better than I'd dreamed! The plastic cone fits perfectly over my oversized coffee mug. I hadn't realized that the box came with #4 coffee filters (I have #2 here at work, which I think will work just fine for smaller brews). And I can use my electric kettle to keep the glass coffee pot warm -- it fits inside it like it was made to!