Saturday, February 03, 2007

Water World

Here's a nifty map that shows what any area in the world would look like if global sea levels increase by 0-14 meters. On this map, I have central Connecticut highlighted with a 10 meter rise:,-72.6746&z=6&m=10

Not too bad. Very few areas we're looking at for houses would be under water -- even though many of the major roadways would need new bridges. University of Hartford should be okay, too. (Harvard would be submerged.)

Sadly, I couldn't get the map to show the Providence area. I'm pretty sure that our current house would be underwater, though.

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Me, Myself and I said...

I'm sure my place would be under water! I am using Craig's list for my new apt search, as well as the paper; I assume you're going thru a realtor? how's the search going? I am finding it impossible to make time to see apt's; apt hunting is not yet as high tech as house hunting, so there are no virtual tours, unfortunately.