Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Guest blogger, Gretchen:

So, Gilly has been getting up anywhere from 2-5am (since the time
change) to come into bed with us or tell me about her trip to the
potty. I've been trying to get her back to her bed so that the habit
doesn't form, if you know what I mean (visions of Gilly at 15 trying
to cuddle in our bed...yikes!).

Well, some nights, like last night, I am just too tired to get my butt
out of bed. So I try to convince myself that it's close to 6am (the
alarm time) and I let her in. Last night, she wouldn't settle down and
ended up roaming the house for a bit before finally coming back and
dropping into a deep snore.

A few weeks ago, Nicky picked up the hobby of jewelry making. Last
night, he lovingly made Harry(this is rare) a necklace, which Harry
was thrilled about. Unfortunately, Nicky left the scissors out on the
table, even though I reminded him to put them away.

So it seems, Gilly came up closer to 2am than 6am and in her
subsequent ramblings, found the scissors on the kitchen table, cut
some advertisement, a corrected piece of Nicky's homework (wasn't his
best mark, anyway) and moved on to her bangs.

It's not too bad, just that Aunti Edie and Binnie were planning Santa
pictures this weekend.

I will try to fix her "look" today, but I just wanted everyone
(including our wonderful hairdresser and best friend) to see what I
had to work with...including the attitude--yes, that is her 'tude
towards me right now.

Oh yeah, her occupational therapist says she doing wonderfully with
scissors and that I should let her practice at home. Right!

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