Monday, May 21, 2007

Dwight & Earl (older post reposted)

> Eugene Mallove, 56, of Pembroke, N.H., was unresponsive when police
> found him in a Norwich house owned by his parents, and he was
> pronounced dead at the scene.

I can just image the police first on the scene...

"Sir? Sir!"

"Try his other ear, Earl. He might be deaf in that one."

"Good thinking, Dwight. Sir? Can you hear me? Please respond. Sir?"

"I'm thinking 'unresponsive'."

"We should maybe write him up for 'failing to aid in an official

"Maybe. Give it one more try."

"Sir, if you are not dead, please say so. Otherwise we may be
required to press charges."

"No answer?"

"No answer."

"I'm logging it. 'Subject failed to responded to repeated
inquiries.' What time you got, Earl?"

"All the time in the world, Dwight."

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