Tuesday, May 08, 2007

No, seriously, the house is for sale

We're moving. And an important part of moving is selling your current house so you can buy a new one.

Hence, these photos and the prior post.

This is the front of our house, viewed from the street.

Here's the view the Pizza Guy sees. ("Excellent Pizza" isn't just a name.)

This is the view from the back of the house.
It's got a nice little yard, which is all fenced in.
(Good for children and other pets.)

This is the garage.
Interesting history, this garage has.
See the little bump out at the front, where the door is?
A previous owner found that his '67 Cadillac won't fit,
so he had the garage extended another 4 inches.

This is the kitchen, a bright and sunny place.
Some of the best food in the world comes from this kitchen.
(This may have something to do with the chef. Your experiences may vary.)

And here's the bathroom. It's located at the top of the stairs on the second floor,
convenient to all the bedrooms. In the basement is another bathroom
that was dismantled by a previous owner. Taxes in this area are based
in part on how many bathrooms you have. I'd always planned to reassemble
the basement bathroom (it's a snap, all the stuff is right there), only just
the tax assessment.



Anonymous said...

sounds great - good luck w/ the sale. seen anything in CT you like yet? you definitely need 2 bathrooms - those boys will be teens before you know it, and then it's all over!

Ben Ide said...

Thanks, Elaine!