Monday, May 14, 2007

Sorry, General Tsao

You know those ubiquitous white boxes with the metal handles? The ones in your fridge, holding the leftovers from last Saturday's feast?

I think that, whatever company makes these take-out containers for Chinese restaurants -- and that company must be pulling in some serious profits; these things are everywhere! -- that company should seriously consider redesigning their product to more readily accommodate microwave users.

And if you're reading this post because your in the market to buy a lovely single-family, 3 bedroom, home with hard wood flooring and is conveniently located near Rt. 95 and the Roger Williams Park and Zoo: Don't worry. Everything is just fine. I installed new smoke alarms last week and we needed to be sure that they worked. Heck, the one by the kitchen has a nifty "hush" feature for just such contingencies.

How will you know when lunch is ready? The smoke alarm will tell you!

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